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One Vanderbilt Observation Deck

"Sitting atop the tallest building in New York City, One Vanderbilt is a sight to behold. Aesthetically pleasing and architecturally modern, the observation deck of this building will provide you with one heck of an experience."

We have seen numerous observation decks popup, but the One Vanderbilt offers a unique experience that will leave you gasping for Air. With a breathtaking view from the top of a gleaming new skyscraper above Grand Central Terminal, near the geographic center of New York City, you now understand why the city coined the phrase "concrete jungle."

New York's most transformational experience! We are counting down the days to the grand opening on Oct. 21 with the tag Re-Imagine. Located in the Summit One Vanderbilt, a 67-story supertall skyscraper at 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. Here, you can step out into transparent "skyboxes" called Levitation that suspend you over one of the city's main thoroughfares.

Take the time to experience " Air" by Kenzo Digital, an artist who has taken the 1000 foot high canvas of SUMMIT and created one of the most significant, most mind-blowing art experiences in the world.

Artist Statement of Installation

#1 Transcendence

You emerge into a boundless, structureless world, one with its relationship to physics and time.

#2 Transcendence

From a new perspective, you revel in the breadth of the spectacle and witness the ecstatic first moments of new visitors entering the space.


The experience evolves, becomes interactive, playful as you connect physically to the space.

At Night

As the sun sets, the magic of Air takes a new form as dramatic waves of color electrify Transcendence and Affinity, turning SUMMIT One Vanderbilt into a beacon of light and energy, visible to all of New York City and beyond.

Click here to book your tickets to ensure you are first in line for the grand opening on Oct. 21. Ticket prices start at $39 for adults.

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