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Global Mentorship Program 

Imagine this:

The warm ocean breeze drifts into your room, gently nudging you awake as the sun’s late morning rays kiss your face. Waves crash in the distance as exotic birds outside your window announce the beginning of another glorious day in paradise.

Your view is breathtakingly beautiful, so mind-blowing National Geographic couldn’t even measure up.

You grab your phone, tweak a few settings to allow more light into the camera and snap.

You finally sit up, slowly easing into your day. As you swipe your index finger down the top of the screen, you realize you’ve received several large deposits while you were sleeping.

And while this tropical enclave has been heavenly, the call of another adventure in another country is one you have to answer.

The best part? That photo you shot upon rising will fund your next expedition.

With just a little editing later on in the day and some fun reels and TikTok videos you’ll record as you make one last dash to the rainforest ... you’ll make money from your very own images.

Brands you never dreamed will know YOUR name and reach out to work with you. Magazines will offer generous payment for your photos. Your DMs will be filled with sponsorship opportunities and individuals wanting to know how they
too can explore the world and make money doing so.

This isn’t a dream. This is the life of a travel influencer.

Picture this: you, living a life that is an adventure - experiencing new cultures and capturing moments so potent they become unforgettable.


All without being weighed down by the pressures of your job or anxieties about how to make ends meet. Imagine if there was someone who could show you exactly how to do it –to unlock creativity and financial freedom?


That’s where Global Mentorship Program comes in! Over 3 months, their hands-on lessons teach students everything from starting up income sources for themselves through different mental frameworks on approaching challenges with confidence—all tailored towards making sure each individual can build the kind of life they have always wanted.

Get Paid to Jet-Set Your Way Around the World into a Life

of Financial Freedom & Thrilling Adventures



  • Plan, record, and capture #ad-worthy content that goes viral and gets you paid.

  • Create quality content that entices shares, clicks, sales, and brand partnerships (quality over quantity)

  • Research and purchase the right equipment you need to create professional content

  • Capture people, moments, and nature like a professional photographer

  • Analyze when engagement on your social platforms is highest to get the most shares

  • Take high-resolution, gasp-worthy photographs and videos

  • Listen in on your audience so you create content that appeals and speaks to them

  • Edit your photos, reels, TikTok videos, and more like a pro


  • Turn your love for snapping memorable moments into actual income

  • Distribute your content across platforms

  • Discover the best magazines, tourism guides, digital platforms and print mediums to sell your content to

  • Partner with other influencers to expand your reach and grow your bank account

  • Secure partnerships and determine your rates

  • Contact tourism boards to make more money

  • Find cheap flights

When you join this mentorship program, not only do you learn how to monetize your love for travel, but you also get four 60-minute strategy sessions with me so I can break down exactly how I took my passion for travel and made it
my full-time job.

Plus, you get exclusive access to my Media Kit 101, so you can create an enticing media kit that makes brands bust down your door in hopes of working with you.

I share all my email templates, sample pitches, contacts for tourism boards and PR and so much more.

When you join the Global Mentorship Program, you get all the tactical tips and strategies you need to chuck the deuces to a life limited by schedules and an income capped by salaries.

Inside this program, you discover how to make money, get sponsored and partner with incredible brands – all by sharing breathtaking, viral content and photos from your time traveling the world.

Listen, when you aren’t limited by the confines of a desk, you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams ...

One where you’re surrounded by life’s most breathtaking and beautiful things –nature, culture, ease and flow.

One where you don’t trade your time for dollars.

One where there are no borders or limits to the amount of money you can make (or where you can make it). Just take a look at past graduates of the Global Mentorship Program and how they’re living financially free and traveling the world.

Here’s what I want you to know:

You’re already halfway there.

You see the world differently than others. You find the beauty in the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary and the fun in the mundane.

You already love to fill your cup creatively and turn that into content people around you can’t get enough of.


You just need to know how to monetize it.

And that’s where the Global Mentorship Program comes in. Here, you’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to become

a full-time travel influencer with unlimited income potential. The strategies you learn in this program are a

culmination of all my years learning what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making money from my lifestyle while traveling all over the world.

Hi, I’m Tanyka Renee, marketing maven, social entrepreneur, travel consultant, and the head pilot of the Global Mentorship Program.


Aspiring global citizens who want to discover themselves through travel and get paid in the process rely on my expertise to teach them how to do exactly that.


You see, I’ve always lived a life fueled by adventure – piloting planes, driving motorcycles, swimming with sharks, running with jaguars, even being honored with visits to remote tribes and getting tattooed by a monk in Thailand. The queen herself, Oprah, has called me the “Female James Bond.”


My love for creating viral, memorable content has led to features in Forbes, Essence, Rolling Out, Travel & Leisure, WWD, Travel Noire and other major outlets.

I’ve used the same strategies I’ve tucked inside the Global Mentorship Program to pull in sponsorships and paid partnerships with major brands all over the world.


And now it’s your turn to do the same.

Now, there’s one last thing I want to share ...

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can give yourself. The people you meet, the places you see, the things you learn about others (and yourself) is life-changing.

It may seem like a dream, but I’m telling you from experience, living a life fueled by travel and achieving financial, spiritual and physical freedom while you do so is completely possible.

Inside the Global Mentorship Program, I give you a step-by-step breakdown of how to do exactly that.

The only question is, are you willing to leave your dull, dreary life behind for a life of thrills, adventure, travel and more money than you could ever imagine?

I already know the answer. Do you?