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Modern Cabin Rentals: Getaway House

Tired of your workweek and all the stress that comes with it? Need to get away from wifi for some much-needed peace in nature, but don't know where or how? Fall is here and now is the perfect time to go camping. I'll be honest, I'm not a camping girl....I've watched too many scary movies to stay in a flimsy tent. But I will do a cabin situation. Let me put you onto the ultimate cabin situation, Getaway, cozy cabins just 2 hours outside major cities.

The Getaway House offers quite a few packages to their guests who book with them.

Refer a Friend and Save

A perfect way to save a little cash is by sharing information about Getaway House with a close friend, and by the way, you also get a reward.

Getaway Often Packs

However [many days] you need a getaway; they have something more to offer you when you package your stay together. Click here to see more details for different packs.

Getaway Often Club

Join the club--creating a habit that brings you out of the city, away from distractions, and encourages you to recharge in nature. The loyalty program allows you to earn a free night on them.

Healthcare Professionals

15% off any future Getaway sounds like a great way to thank all healthcare workers. You, too, need to make time to unplug, recharge, and put yourself first before getting back to work.

Military, Veterans, and First Responders

Oh, let us not forget the dedicated service members you too will receive a 15% off every Getaway.


Hey, a discounted program would not be if you don't include something for the students. Students will also receive a 15% off by signing up with your school email.

Now that I told you about how the programs work, you are probably still thinking--well, how does this work? Book your escape by choosing your outpost, cabin size, and dates. All will be provided information with the exact address of your cabin upon booking.

I love it because the hands-on approach will allow you to rest easy. In addition, a staff member will be in touch with everything you will need for your Getaway. You will have access to the staff member every day by email and text, should you need anything.

Disconnect to reconnect is the vibe, lock away the phones and computers and connect with those who matter the most. Listen when I say, "you will sleep peacefully," with the sounds of nature as your soundtrack. Oh, and of course, there are fresh linens and comfy pillows, and you will have AC to cool you down on those hot days and heat to keep you warm on the chilly nights.

The real question isssss....Food? Each cabin is equipped with a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, mini-fridge, dishware, cookware, and coffee and tea (for a small fee).

I know you all are thinking, well, how do I use the bathroom in the middle of nowhere or shower. There are (hot) showers in your private bathroom, oh yes, with bath towels, as well as biodegradable soap, shampoo, and conditioner, are provided.

You can't have the outdoors without having a campfire. All cabins are fit for campfire cooking with a fire pit, grill grate, picnic table, and chairs, plus firewood or charcoal and a firestarter for purchase.

Click here for more information on how to book your Getaway today.

For any other questions?? Feel free to slide in my comment section, my email, or even my DMs.