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"With this specially-crafted program, you can break out of the daily grind and achieve financial freedom. Unlock life's possibilities with a wealth of tips to help you pursue your passions and elevate yourself - whether it be through travel or other means! Transform into who you want to become while achieving new heights financially."



Find true fulfillment by delving into your strengths, reigniting passions, and exploring new opportunities - all while getting paid! Unlock an exciting lifestyle that offers plenty to explore.



Be the first to know and RSVP to special events I am attending or hosting around the world. Explore upcoming events below.



For the first time I am offering "pick my brain" sessions via Zoom. Schedule your session below.


Become A Travel Agent

Are you passionate about travel? Turn it into a lucrative source of income by joining our Travel Agent program. Enjoy exclusive access to deals and discounts on travel that will not only earn you money on your own trips but also save your customers, friends, and family money on their travel expenses. With endless potential to book cruises, vacations, hotels, tours, airline tickets, car rentals, and more, you can achieve your financial and travel goals. Join us today for the ultimate travel agent program experience.

Lifestyle champion

Join the conversation as I share firsthand experience with daily rundowns of tricks of the trade, itineraries, exclusive travel destinations, and essential tips. An editor, an experienced influencer, an entrepreneur, or just starting your travel journey? Lifestyle Champions is designed for you to take advantage of life entirely.  Get ready for influencer secrets, pitching, trip upgrades, photo tips, and, yes, discounts for you all. Perfect for any hustler who wants all the secrets and doesn't necessarily need a mentor.


Teach One Teach Many

Teach One Teach Many is a free mentorship program designed to connect and inspire the community to reach underprivileged individuals.

Take Flight

What is your quest? However you look at it, whether you choose to go by air, land, or water, we are all designed to embark on a journey.

Bear the children and get back to busine
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