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Take Flight

Have you ever dreamed of soaring high above the clouds, watching the unimaginable beauty of our planet unfold below?

Experienced the thrill of unbridled freedom as you claimed command over one of mankind’s greatest inventions?

Faced turbulence head-on with the power, knowledge, and confidence to make a perfect landing?

I have. You see, throughout my life, traveling on planes and exploring new worlds has always been how I discover new things about myself.


But when the global pandemic hit and my jet-setting life was grounded - literally –I struggled to adjust to the changes. I was desperate to fly, but the travel I knew and loved wasn’t the same.

And, I wondered how I could relive the exhilaration of flight in my day-to-day when my therapist suggested I take a class. I jokingly mentioned flight school.


Well, that whim, that little spark ended up turning into a desire which became an all-encompassing goal. But as the only Black female in my class and with few scholarships and support to make getting into and paying for flight school easier, I realized something was missing in the industry.


You see, when it comes to your dreams, the hardest part isn’t making them a reality. It’s getting started and keeping them alive.

That’s exactly why I created TAKE FLIGHT, a community, a resource center, and a family designed to be the wind beneath the wings of aspiring female pilots, guiding them through aviation school, career opportunities, and beyond.

You see, whether your journey to self is by air, land, or water, there are always
forces fighting against our ascent.

TAKE FLIGHT is here to give you the power, inspiration, and tools you need to
realize your dreams of becoming a pilot.

With this program, I’ve made it my mission to provide future female pilots with
the support I never had when I was getting my license.

So, if you’re ready to get your aviation career off the ground, subscribe to this blog to get all the success strategies, resources and tips delivered straight to your inbox.

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