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Kayaking in Orlando with SeaVees

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Sponsored by SeaVees

Travel has changed me and the biggest change has been how I view and relate to the world. I have learned that we are all connected to each other and the planet. My goal for 2020 was to start using my voice more and be conscious of what I showcase on my platform.

If you’ve been following my journey then you know how much I love water. This is why I’ve partnered with SeaVees on their SeaChange collection. SeaVees is a sneaker company known for their comfort which I can attest to but I fell in love with them due to their sustainable practices.

Click above and visit the "Orlando highlight" to view Instagram stories of the trip.

The SeaChange collection consists of recycled materials. It’s also a partnership with SeaTrees that helps regenerate one foot of kelp forest for every pair of shoes sold. SeaTrees works to restore coastal ecosystems, increase biodiversity and create jobs in sustainable communities.

I chose to take my SeaChange Sneakers with me to the magical healing springs in Apopka, Orlando. My tour guide Austin from Get Up and Go Kayaking informed me that when the European settlers arrived they noticed how young and healthy the native Indians looked. They thought they arrived at the Fountain of Youth.

The park is about 40 min outside of the Orlando metro area but totally worth it. Surrounded by mineral-rich crystal clear waters and the therapeutic sounds of nature…paired with a clear kayak the experience is very healing. Don’t be surprised if you see turtles, birds, fish, otters, alligators and more!

There is no coincidence that both our body and the planet consists of 75% water. Water is healing, water is LIFE. Visit to find out on the SeaChange collection.

Click above to see BTS with photographer @SamVibes


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