“I created this program to empower people everywhere by helping them do what they love and be financially free. The gems in the program will help you travel, level up, and create the life that you want.”



Tanyka Renee

Travel Consultant, Marketing Maven, and Social Entrepreneur Tanyka Renee is ambitious and resourceful when it comes to the exploration of new ideas. Whether it is piloting a plane or meeting with tourism boards, Tanyka's adventurous spirit has allowed her to venture worldwide.


Lifestyle champion

Join the conversation as I share the firsthand experience with daily rundowns of tricks of the trade, itineraries, exclusive, travel destinations, and essential tips. Whether you are an editor, an experienced influencer, or just starting your travel journey, Lifestyle champion designs for you to take advantage of life entirely.  Get ready for influencer secrets, pitching, trip upgrades, photo tips, and yes, discounts for you all. Perfect for any hustler who wants all the secrets and doesn't necessarily need a mentor.

Teach One Teach Many

Teach One Teach Many is a free mentorship program designed to connect and inspire the community to reach underprivileged individuals.

Bear the children and get back to busine

Take Flight

What is your quest? However you look at it, whether you choose to go by air, land, or water, we are all designed to embark on a journey.